Tim Oliver

Managing Director

Tim Oliver is an Authorised Financial Adviser and Director of the company.

He started in the industry in 2008 as a mortgage and insurance broker and became qualified as an Authorised Financial Adviser in 2011.

Previously to that, he gained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Otago in Marketing Management and Management.

After working as an adviser for a Financial Planning company for over 6 years, achieving his own financial goals, furthering his financial education and building a strong and loyal client base Tim decided to take the next step and Oliver Financial Planning was established in 2013.

Tim has learnt throughout his career that business is about relationships. You need to build strong relationships with all of the people that have involvement with your business, whether they are clients, colleagues, suppliers or associates.

If you focus on the person within the relationship and make sure that there is honesty, integrity and trust, then that relationship will be a positive one.

His passion and reason for being in the financial industry is centred around helping people understand how their money works, set and achieve their goals and coaching them so they can get the best possible result from all of their resources.

The Importance
of Financial Health
in New Zealand

At OFP, the financial health of families in New Zealand is seen as something that needs to be improved and strengthened.

All too often, we are witness to families not doing the correct thing with their money. This results in the restriction of choices available to those people and their families.

We believe that a lack of understanding about money results in major stresses for a lot of families in New Zealand and is a problem in all communities.

We believe that if we help people to better understand how their money works, help them set up the proper structures that surround their money and support them on a regular basis, we will be making tangible progress towards helping the lives of New Zealand families.

In doing this, we are giving people more choice and improving the financial health of the families that we help.

Healthy families equal healthy communities.