Buying a house can be one of the biggest financial decisions that you make

•   Houses have a big price tag
•   You commit to pay a mortgage for a very long time
•   You pay a lot in interest
•   The total amount that you repay could far exceed the original price of the house

How we help

•   We deal with the banks to help you get the lending
•   We show you how to structure your mortgage
•   We show you how to get out of the debt quickly
•   We show you how to pay the least amount of interest

At the end of the day, the commitment that you make to buying a house ties you in to making mortgage repayments for a very long time.

The value that we have for our clients is that we help them get into the house that they want and then help them to get out of the debt as quickly as possible.

The Importance
of Financial Health
in New Zealand

At OFP, the financial health of families in New Zealand is seen as something that needs to be improved and strengthened.

All too often, we are witness to families not doing the correct thing with their money. This results in the restriction of choices available to those people and their families.

We believe that a lack of understanding about money results in major stresses for a lot of families in New Zealand and is a problem in all communities.

We believe that if we help people to better understand how their money works, help them set up the proper structures that surround their money and support them on a regular basis, we will be making tangible progress towards helping the lives of New Zealand families.

In doing this, we are giving people more choice and improving the financial health of the families that we help.

Healthy families equal healthy communities.